Flower - Speaker

Impactful content that moves the needle towards results

Flower - Speaker

Dynamic delivery that engages your participants

Flower - Speaker

Proven after effect that changes behavior

Here's What Some Participants Have Said

"Allison was phenomenal! She has the perfect command of easing tension with levity, and kept me engaged and I left wanting to do more and do better. Thank you!"
"Allison was both provocative and thought-provoking. She was an excellent speaker who captivated the audience the entire time. She inspired me to make a difference and to not shy away from the topic but rather to approach it."
"Excellent, engaging speaker. Presented a difficult topic with grace and humor."

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Les Brown Headshot
Les Brown
World Renowned Speaker

"Allison Manswell is one of the most electrifying speakers in the Les Brown Speakers Network. Because of her dynamic combination of powerful speaking and cutting edge methods that take people to the next level, Allison is in high demand as a speaker, trainer, and coach. Allison is insightful, inspiring and challenges people to tap into their greatness.

Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland (testimonial)
Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland
Executive Coaching Client

“My coaching experience with Allison continues to produce life-changing results years later. Her system helped create more income and business ideas. That investment has paid for itself more than 10 times over.”

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