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Allison V. Manswell, CPLP is a seasoned HR professional, executive coach and author. Allison holds a Bachelor's degree in Justice and Law Enforcement. In addition to an MBA in Leadership, she also holds the industry credential of Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) from the Association of Talent Development. She combines over 23 years of proven expertise in organizational effectiveness, employee and leadership development interventions with Fortune ranked companies like Exelon, Lowe's and State Farm. Her expertise includes talent management, leadership and organizational development and diversity & inclusion.

Beyond Unconscious Bias: Shifting Behavior from Intent to Impact

A holistic approach and comprehensive intervention that combines consulting with stakeholder training that creates agreements on how to collaborate on the path forward. 

Silence is Statement: Addressing Race in the Workplace


We have been conditioned not to talk about race and all of its related issues at work. Given the painfully obvious nature of this diversity element and the social factors related to it – it has become detrimental to continue to ignore it.



From Fax Machines to Airdrop: Leveraging Generational Differences at Work

We now have six generations interacting in the workplace creating unprecedented opportunities for misunderstanding and tension. 

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